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Caste certificate form 2022 – With Benefits of Government Program

Get an Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate Online

In today’s blog post, we will be talking about the benefits of getting an Uttar Pradesh caste certificate. This document proves that an individual belongs to a specific caste or social group. The UP Caste Certificate¬†2022 is important for citizens of Uttar Pradesh, as it allows them access to government programs and services that are specifically meant for people in their caste category. You can apply for a Jati Praman Patra online, without having to go to any government office. So, if you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits offered by the government, keep reading!

Some important Documents for Cast Certificate

– Residence proof

– Identity proof

– Caste certificate

– Income certificate

– Attested copy of ration card

After submitting the required documents, the Jati Praman Patra will be issued within 15 days.

Jati Praman Patra is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue.

The Jati Praman Patra can be renewed online or offline. The applicant must submit the required documents to the Revenue Department office. The Jati Praman Patra will be renewed within 15 days from the date of submission of the application.

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