How to become an online tutor for English to Teach Complete Beginners?

Teaching English to beginners can be a daunting process. 

Especially when they know nothing about the language, it can be challenging to start from the very basics. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. It can be the most rewarding experience for Online Tutor to students succeed in the language and praise you. 

It takes time, patience, energy, good learning material, and a lot of teaching. It is not about making the session attractive. It is about showcasing more accessible strategies to let them grasp the basics. 

What is it like to teach complete beginners for Online Tutor?

Online tutoring jobs for teaching beginners are a challenge, but when they learn from you, it is no less than a reward. A tutor’s job is a success when their students are learning with confidence and getting the best results out of it.

1. Keeping Session Simple

Firstly, keep your tone polite. Make the instruction crystal clear by using little words only. Do not make them wonder what you are saying, be clear. Your style should be understandable, plus use hand gestures if possible. 

Break down a more significant sentence into smaller meaningful ones so they don’t have to ask you again. If possible, you can use a common language to make them understand a few things. 

2. Let them listen first

Tutoring jobs online for beginners is making sure you talk slowly. Let them process peacefully what you’ve said. When they are new to the language, you need to work on their listening skills first. 

The more they listen, the better they understand. Focus on teaching first and not how to communicate. They will be afraid to talk or not confident enough to frame sentences. Give them time and break, let them process what you preach. 

3. Make them feel comfortable 

Don’t let them feel any different or any less. Tell them you have experience dealing with students like them. Let them know they are not alone who don’t understand a word in English. 

Make them feel comfortable. That is how they will talk freely with you. With that, they will also raise questions, ask queries if they have any.  If they cannot understand something, they should be comfortable enough to speak about it to you.

4. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Teaching something that is new needs repetitive teaching. Beginners need a lot of drilling and repeating until they are thorough with the language. It might seem boring to you, but that is how it works. You have to be very crisp, clear, audible, vocal, and repetitive for them to grasp a topic. Also, ask them if they have understood the case; if yes, you can proceed onto the next one. 


Now that you know how to become an online tutor for English. Make sure you follow the tips and practice the same in your session. It will be a challenge initially. You will surely make it worth it for your students. The students need to rely on you for language learning, and therefore be the best. 

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